About Our Servıces

Our company started its manufacturing activities in 2007 as a subcontractor to hydromechanical equipment manufacturers. After two years of experience in hydromechanical equipment manufacturing, we have established our own manufacturing facilities and have become able to offer dam permanent mechanical equipment and heavy welded machinery manufacturing works directly to our customers. Although we are a young company, our staff has a long experience in engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of dam hydromechanical equipment and heavy welded machinery. We take pride in following our work to the finest detail and being professional in quality and customer satisfaction.

In our project department, we carry out mechanical project design works with great care from the stage of obtaining technical values in accordance with the relevant specifications to the approval stage with our experienced Engineer and Technical Draftsman personnel.

Our factory has a 2500 m2 closed area equipped with crane facilities and has the capacity to handle single piece productions weighing 60 tons. We apply our own quality system that is customer-oriented and meets the requirements of technical specifications. The welding WPS, PQR and welders we use in our manufacturing works are qualified and certified by a third party (independent third observer) company that we cooperate with.




265x265mm - 2400mmx2400mm sizes Hydraulic cylinder, hand and electric operated steel square gate valves. Our Squared Gate Valve references in large sizes are as follow...

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Steel cone valves with hydraulic cylinders in Ø 750 - Ø 3500 diameters. Our Conical Valve references in large diameters are as follows:



Ø 300 - Ø 3500 diameters Hydraulic cylinder, hand and electric operated steel butterfly valves. O...

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